CityVille Solar Power Plant: Everything you need to know


While the Coal Factory may have been a disappointment in CityVille, as it was simply a Community Building and didn't serve as a way to increase our maximum energy, a new item has been released to fill in that gap: the Solar Power Plant. The Solar Power Plant can be built through a series of four accompanying goals, and it can be upgraded to eventually offer you a boost of +5 energy points to your maximum energy cap. We're here with a look at these four goals, so let's get started!

Energize Your City!

  • Ask friends for 15 Mirror Dishes

  • Place and Complete the Solar Power Plant

  • Supply Your Power Plant

The Solar Power Plant requires 11 each of Solar Boilers, Solar Exhausts, Solar Heaters, Solar Panels and Salt Pipes to construct. You can earn these items through a combination of general news posts and individual requests to your friends. This first level of the Solar Power Plant can only increase your maximum energy cap by a single point, and it requires 500 Goods to operate. You'll receive 25 XP and 1,000 Goods for finishing this particular goal.

Made in the Shade!

  • Ask friends for 20 Sunglasses

  • Upgrade Your Solar Power Plant to Level 2

  • Harvest 30 Sunflowers

The upgrade to Level 2 requires 12 each of the five items listed above. You'll earn 25,000 coins and 75 XP for completing this goal.

Rise & Shine

  • Upgrade Your Solar Power Plant to Level 3

  • Increase Your Population by 1,000

  • Upgrade Water Bottling Plant to Level 3

The Solar Plant upgrade requires 13 each of Gold items. These items are the exact same as the Silver items in design and in how you earn them, but they're simply gold instead of silver. You'll earn 50,000 coins and 5 energy for finishing this goal.

Let's Keep Upgrading!

  • Upgrade Your Solar Power Plant to Level 4

  • Collect from Barcelona Cargo Plane 25 Times

  • Harvest 60 Golden Peas

This final upgrade to the Solar Power Plant requires 16 each of Platinum building materials. It also allows you to take advantage of the full +5 bonus points being added to your maximum energy cap. For the record, you'll also receive 10 energy and three Zoning Permits for reaching this point. As for this goal itself, you'll receive three more Zoning Permits and 150 XP for finishing it.

As you might expect, this particular building requires you to consistently supply it with Goods to keep your boosted energy cap. For each day you miss supplying the building, you'll lose an energy point, but will never drop below 30. Good luck upgrading this Solar Power Plant to its final level!

[Via: CityVille Wiki]

What do you think of this new Solar Power Plant? What is your maximum energy cap currently in CityVille? Share your progress with us in the comments!