Bingo Blitz morphs into Bingo Rush for iPhone and iPad for free [Video]

Bingo Rush iOS
Bingo Rush iOS

Beating Zynga to the punch, Buffalo Studios has gone mobile with its flagship game: Bingo Blitz. Titled Bingo Rush specifically for iPhone and iPad, now players can get one step closer to actually holding a dauber once again. (Novel concept, isn't it?) Of course, this iOS game is free to play, but brings a new twist to what's otherwise a tired genre on Facebook and mobile.

In this version of the studio's hit game, players race against the clock to make B-I-N-G-O, and judging from the trailer, it's a rather speedy affair. (So, for pro players only?) Power-ups are present and accounted in this Bingo game to mix things up, as are achievements and new locations to travel to--though, we doubt those affect the play hook too much. At any rate, it's Bingo ... on your iOS gizmo ... and it's free. What more do you want? Check the trailer:

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