TeamLava brings Facebook bubble poppers to iOS with Bubble Mania


If you're a fan of the many bubble-popping games on Facebook and wish there was an adequate replacement to play while on the go, TeamLava and Storm8 have provided just that with Bubble Mania. This bubble-popping game is available on iPhone and iPad for free, and it contains all of the standard elements we've come to expect from games in the genre.

Bubble Mania offers level-based play, with levels containing standard templates of bubbles to destroy at the top of the screen. The overall goal of a level is to pop the bubbles containing critters, with these bubbles normally being located at the very top of the screen. Levels aren't timed, but you will be limited in the number of individual bubbles you can shoot. As you'd expect, you'll clear each level by making matches of three or more like colored orbs, and can swap between two active bubbles with the press of a button.

You'll earn points and star ratings for each level you complete, and can freely go back and earn more stars if you're up to the challenge. These stars are used to unlock different areas within the game's overall map, and luckily, you can purchase power-ups along the way that will help you earn any stars that might be just out of reach. These power-ups might extend the distance of your aiming line, give you a points multiplier for a single level, or even give you extra bubbles to throw should a level be particularly tricky. All in all, this is basically a Facebook bubble game that's simply been built for iOS.

Unfortunately, the transition to mobile does come with a few unique problems, the biggest of which being the fact that it's incredibly hard to aim precisely when your thumb covers up part of the bubbles that you're trying to see. The aiming power-up eliminates this problem, but it's rather expensive and would definitely require you to spend real money on the game if you wanted to use it for every single level. Furthermore, the bubble swapping button is small and requires a precise touch to activate. If you're playing a round too quickly, you could tap in the button's general location, thinking that you've activated it, only to throw the wrong colored bubble towards the top of the screen because it didn't "take."


That being said, Bubble Mania is still a solid bubble-popping game that is noteworthy mainly because of its release on iOS. If the game had been released on Facebook, there wouldn't have been anything extraordinary about the experience, but being able to take this one with you wherever you go makes it worth the free download.

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What do you think of Bubble Mania on iPhone or iPad? Are there any other bubble-popping games on iOS that you play? Sound off in the comments!