Game of the Day: Zilch

Roll the dice and use caution in today's game of the day, Zilch. You can choose to play against your computer or against a friend, but whatever you do, don't get too reckless! You can choose how many points you take off the dice you roll, but you can only bank your points once you get to 50. Collect too many points too early, and you may lose them all!

On the other hand, you could just choose to play against a really bad opponent. The computer gives you options to play against a "reckless," "cautious," and "realist" robot, so choose the reckless robot for an instant shot of self-confidence. Once you win ten games, you can have a shot at beating the real realist robot. However, only some combinations of dice result in a score. If you don't score, you Zilch! And that's just embarrassing. Try your luck at Zilch today!

Play Zilch.

Can you win ten games?

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