FarmVille: Buy back mastery signs with coins

Since the launch of mastery in FarmVille, there's been a debate between players as to the enjoyment one can earn by mastering crops, crafting recipes, trees and even animals. Some players focus all of their time and effort on animal or tree farming, mastering every single tree or animal that's released in the game, while others simply collect what's valuable to them and master items along the way by simply continuing to play the game. Whatever your opinion on the matter, if you happen to have deleted a previously earned mastery sign from your game (either purposefully or by accident), you can now buy them back from the game's mastery menu at a low coin cost.

To be especially clear, you won't be able to buy mastery signs for items you haven't actually mastered, but if you've mastered a particular crop, tree, animal, crafting recipe or even flower bloom and want to buy either duplicate mastery signs or replace the one(s) you've lost, you can now purchase a single mastery sign for 500 coins.

If anything, this will allow farmers the chance to have "themed" mastery signs on the appropriate farms as decorations, while also being able to show them off back home (if "home" is still your primary farm, that is). For example, someone that mastered the Candy Cane crop might wish to show off that mastery sign in Winter Wonderland. Buying these mastery signs is completely voluntary, of course, but it's a nice gesture by Zynga to farmers that may have a love-hate relationship with the signs. Now, you can feel free to delete your signs to save space, but not worry about regretting that decision later.

What do you think of this ability to buy back mastery signs with coins? Do you delete any mastery signs you earn, or do you display them proudly on your farms? Sound off in the comments!