The Sims Social: Take a trip to the city with a free Penthouse

Back in February, players of the Sims Social were given a chance to escape the cold winds of winter, virtually at least, by taking a trip to Littlehaven Shores in the game's Vacation Home feature. Now, we're able to take another trip, but this one is much more chic. For a limited time, the Sims Social is offering a challenging quest series that will see you unlocking a Penthouse for your Sim's posh living needs!

To access your Penthouse, you can click on the locations button in the game's menu, just as you would to travel to your Vacation Home. What makes this Penthouse so special is that you can claim one without spending any Simoleons or SimCash - that's right, the Penthouse is absolutely free! Just traveling to the Penthouse will see you completing the first of many quests in the "Lofty Challenge" series.

Unfortunately, there is a bit of a catch to this free Penthouse, as it's absolutely filthy and full of debris or random furniture pieces that need to be cleaned up or unlocked by completing those Penthouse quests. There are even some existing items that require building materials to finish, giving you plenty of work before you'll truly be living the high life in your downtown Penthouse. Still, the Penthouse is ultimately free to unlock in your game, so we can't really complain about the mess. Just make sure to claim yours sooner, rather than later, before the associated limited edition quests disappear for good!

What do you think of this Penthouse feature in the Sims Social? Sound off in the comments!