The Sims Social: Check your email for 20 free SimCash


While the Sims Social is holding steady at around 15.3 million monthly active uses on Facebook (according to AppData) the folks at EA / Playfish want to ensure you still feel loved as a player. To do that, players are being sent emails for 20 free SimCash. Interestingly enough, it seems as though each user might automatically receive this SimCash without actually having to have the email in their inbox, but for safety's sake, we're here with your link to "claim" this SimCash (yes, it's universal).

As we said, you'll likely already have this SimCash in your game the next time you login, but if not, make sure to click on this link to "force" your game to update in case things haven't worked out as they should. What will you spend your free SimCash on? That, my friends, is up to you.

Are you still an active player of the Sims Social on Facebook? Will you immediately go on a shopping spree with your 20 free SimCash, or will you hold onto it for future use? Sound off in the comments!