SimCity Social Food Frenzy Quests: Everything you need to know


As part of the Food Frenzy feature in SimCity Social, you'll have the opportunity to complete a series of goals to receive two exclusive items in the Food Frenzy theme, the Soda Bottling Plant and the Pizzeria. There are actually two different Food Frenzy quest series to complete, so here's a look at how to complete them both.

Turn Up, Cash In, Pig Out

  • Collect from the Diner

Rewards: 100 coins, 2 XP, Soda Bottling Plant

Taste the Bubbles

  • Build the Soda Bottling Plant

The base of the Soda Bottling Plant requires four energy, but there's a lot more work to this building after that. You'll need to collect a whopping 20 Hard Hats, 10 Bushels of Food, five Salt of the Earth, three Bliss and three Wrath to finish this off. You can either purchase all of these items with Diamonds, or ask your friends to send them to you. As for the Wrath, however, you'll need to complete some naughty tasks in your neighbors' cities to earn them.

Chili Don Carne

  • Build the Mexican Restaurant

  • Start a Tomatoes Crop

  • Have 3 Fury

The Mexican Restaurant costs 3,000 coins in the store, and the base requires three energy to complete. You'll need a business card, three cash registers and a business savvy to complete the construction of the Mexican Restaurant.

The Scoville Scale

  • Pick Chili Peppers at Botanical Gardens

  • Ask friends for Tongue Melting Chilis

  • Collect form the Mexican Restaurant

Turn Up the Heat

  • Upgrade the Mexican Restaurant to 1-Star

  • Cook up a Batch of Chili Don Carne

  • Collect from the 1-Star Mexican Restaurant

The 1-Star Mexican Restaurant upgrade requires two Business Cards, one Cash Register and one Safety Award to complete.

We'll make sure to update this space as we learn more about the requirements for these Food Frenzy quests, but for now, this should be enough to get you started. Good luck, and stay tuned!

[Via SimCity Social Fansite]

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