Ravenwood Fair looks to throw a party in your pocket on iOS for free

Ravenwood Fair iOS
Ravenwood Fair iOS

Not that kind of party, you sicko--these are woodland creatures! Anyway, Inside Social Games reports that 6waves and New York-based Foundation Games will soon release hit Facebook game Ravenwood Fair on iOS devices for free. Recently found on the Canadian App Store in a testing phase, the game looks nearly identical to what's available on Facebook.

We imagine that's the point. According to ISG, the mobile version of designer John Romero's first social game plays identically to its predecessor, right down to the missions it offers on the outset. Unfortunately, this will not be an extension of players' Facebook game sessions, but a standalone experience using Facebook Connect. This game will not interact with what you've created on Facebook.

According to Foundation Studios' web page, Ravenwood Fair is no secret, which could mean it's nearing official release. 6waves, however, has told ISG that there is no U.S. release date just yet. What's that, imaginary reader? You ask, "But wasn't Ravenwood Fair made by Lolapps and John Romero?" Well, allow this post and this post to explain. In the meantime, we play the waiting game ... or just play Ravenwood Fair on Facebook.

Click here to download Ravenwood Fair on iOS Now (if you're "Canadian") >

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