Make Your House Sporty

By Katya Popova

Being an avid climber, I always had a hard time reconciling my love for sports and my love for interior design. Can they coexist peacefully in the home? Take one look at Houzz users' photos, and you'll find out that it can be done gracefully and with a sense of humor. If you are a fan of biking, climbing, surfing, bowling, tennis, snowshoeing, baseball, skateboarding, football or golf, get inspired by the photos in the gallery below and display your sport with pride.

Interior Design with Sports
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Make Your House Sporty

Incorporating a sports theme into your interior can be surprisingly practical. Living in an apartment often means that storage is limited. Suspending your bike from the ceiling or on a wall not only keeps it up and out of the way, but turns the bike itself into a work of art.

Tired of climbing the stairs? Give your forearms a workout alternative with a climbing wall. As a climber, I am already considering how to incorporate such a neat idea in my own house. A soft landing pad underneath would be a wise investment too.

Surfboards are fantastic works of art. Hang yours on the wall for quick storage and automatic wall adornment.

If you're a bowler, incorporating your sport into your interior could be challenging, given the weight of the balls. Go for something that involves the pins instead, like this gigantic graphic bowling pin.

Snowshoes have great proportions and materials, and they look even better hung up on a wall. Give your interior a rustic and effortless look by hanging your useful equipment as an art installation.


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