CityVille: Another round of quests will soon be no more

If you're a gamer that enjoys completing quests in CityVille, you've likely seen how easy it is to become overwhelmed, as new quests are released on almost a daily basis with no end in sight. Depending on your dedication or time management within the game, you could easily have dozens of quests on your plate right at this very moment, but Zynga is going to clear some of those out in the near future.

A set of seven different goal series is going to be purged from the game in the coming days, and while no specific time limit has been given for when they will leave (as of this writing), we do know which quests are getting the axe:

We've linked to our coverage of these quests (where applicable), so make sure to check out those various guides for any last minute help in completing these quests. For everything else, we can simply wish you the best of luck in completing everything in time!

Did you already complete many of these quests series in your CityVille town, or are you going to have to rush to complete them (and earn the prizes within)? Let us know in the comments!