SimCity Social: Grab your free Plumbob Monument before it's too late

If you're a fan of SimCity Social on Facebook that also happens to have a Twitter account, and also happens to follow the official Sims 3 Twitter feed, you were given quite the gift this afternoon to celebrate the "official" launch of SimCity Social on Facebook. Even though it ignores the fact that the game has already been available to play on Facebook since late June, this "launch" gift is actually pretty great, but if you've cleared out the Bedrock Wonder to the left side of your town, you'd know that already.

The prize is a Plumbob Monument, which also happens to be the prize given out for completing that Bedrock Wonder. This tiny little statue offers a bonus of 50 population to an area two squares wide in every direction, so if you place this in the middle of a heavily populated neighborhood, you could easily boost your population by a few hundred citizens in a matter of seconds, and all for free at that!

To claim your free Plumbob Monument, you'll need to click on the link given by the official Sims Twitter account, or click right hereto earn it without the hassle of heading to Twitter. While there's nothing official that states this link will expire, we can't imagine it staying active forever. That being the case, you'll want to claim your free Plumbob Monument just as soon as you can to ensure you can take advantage of this awesome population boost in your city.

Were you able to claim your free Plumbob Monument in SimCity Social? Sound off in the comments!

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