Let the games begin: SimCity Social launches 'officially' on Facebook

SimCity Social launch
SimCity Social launch

We know, SimCity Social has already been live on Facebook for weeks. But developer Playfish and publisher EA announced that its next flagship Facebook game is "officially" live on the network as of today. Basically, this means that the game is no longer in its "open beta" testing phase. But what this really means is that it's high time for EA to promote the hell out of the game.

You know, so that it eclipses CityVille as the number one city-builder on Facebook? You have to imagine that's at least what EA and Playfish hope will happen. The dynamic duo of social gaming tried it last year with The Sims Social and came pretty dang close to their goal. Since we feel SimCity Social is better at what it does than Zynga's city simulator, it might just have a shot.

"SimCity Social will entice a new generation of urban planners with its easy-to-use tools that allow anyone to expand and grow their own unique sprawling metropolises and watch as it comes to life in fun and unexpected ways," Playfish Global Studios VP Jami Laes said, according to VentureBeat. "SimCity Social is about playing with your friends. Whether you do that with kindness by helping put out a fire or through mischievous acts like helping a criminal escape, the decisions you make with your friends will determine how the story of your cities plays out."

We'll check back in a while to see where EA's social city-builder stands. Until then, check out all of the SimCity Social cheats and tips you'll ever need right here:

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