Secrets To Finding Good Jobs That Are Not Advertised


By Donna Fuscaldo

Not all jobs are posted on Internet boards or advertised at all. But that doesn't mean you can't break into this hidden market. Be forewarned: finding an unlisted position is going to take creativity and perseverance and much more than traditional networking.

There are typically a few reasons companies won't make jobs available to the public:

  • the hiring manager doesn't want to get bombarded with hundreds of resumes;

  • they know they need to hire someone, but aren't ready to articulate what the position will be;

  • or they want to keep it 'hush hush' for competitive reasons.

Either way, the employer knows it wants to hire someone and it's your job to get them to hire you. "You have to view job seeking as a sales job even if you are applying for a secretary position," says Gal Almog, Chief Executive of RealMatch, a recruitment technology company.