Lunchtime Poll: Would you get behind a fan-made Facebook game?

Restaurant World
Restaurant World

Every once in a while, the world of social games throws a curve ball at us. In the wake of fan-favorite Restaurant City getting the ax by developer Playfish, a portion of the game's cult following has decided to respond in more constructive way than whining on forums or signing petitions. They've decided to make their own Restaurant City--a better, longer lasting one perhaps.

It's called Restaurant World, and it already has its own Facebook fan page, blog, forums and nearly 2,000 interested fans. Of course, it won't be a carbon copy of the original game--we're pretty sure that would be copyright infringement--but it will be a spiritual successor of sorts to what EA and Playfish left behind last week.

The normal response to a developer shuttering a game beloved by a small portion of fans is for said fans to take what this writer calls "The Kicking and Screaming Approach. " This involves lengthy, depressing comment threads on Facebook, pages worth of the much of the same on the game's forum and at best a petition. These fans, however, are more resourceful than that. The question is, however, will the Restaurant City community that one was rally behind them? With that, we ask you:

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