CityVille Coal Factory: Everything you need to know

While a Coal Factory in the realm of CityVille might bring about ideas of energy boosts or even increases to your maximum energy cap, what the game's new Coal Factory ultimately does is simply provide additional population allowance for your town. The basic Coal Factory requires building materials to complete, and can afterwards be upgraded to boost the maximum population allowance provided.

To be specific, the base of the Coal Factory is placed via the goal "Power Trip," which also requires you to complete its construction and collect from a Level 2 Coffee Shop 20 times. For the sake of argument, you'll receive 150 XP and three energy for completing that goal. As for the Coal Factory itself, it requires 30 different items to finish:

  • 6 Coal Shovels

  • 6 Coal Helmets

  • 6 Coal Gloves

  • 6 Coal Lumps

  • 6 Coal Boots

These items are earned through the game's standard combination of general news posts and individual friend requests sent out to your neighbors. When this first, basic stage of the Coal Factory is complete, this community building offers a population allowance boost of 1,780 citizens. You can upgrade it to Level 2 by collecting even more building materials (eight each of the items above), which will increase the population boost to 2,300 citizens. Complete one final upgrade by collecting even more building materials, and you'll reach the final total of 3,000 citizens allowed to live in your city. For the record, this Coal Factory can be placed in your downtown expansion, but it comes with no Downtown Value.

Ultimately, this Coal Factory might have been a better item if it allowed for a maximum energy increase, rather than simply being a community building, but you don't have to build one in your town. Doing so is entirely up to you. Good luck if you decide to build and upgrade one!

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of this Coal Factory? Are you disappointed it's "just" a community building? Sound off in the comments!