CityVille Premium Mall: Everything you need to know


If there was one thing wrong with the Equality Business Tower in CityVille, it's that the storage building can only hold "normal" businesses, and not premium ones. But, what if you're a player that collects premium businesses? Will you simply be forced to waste all of that land to hold them forever? The answer to that is now "no," as a new Premium Mall has launched in the game with the specific purpose of storing premium businesses.

This Premium Mall is basically identical in setup to the many malls that have been released previously, in that it can store 15 premium businesses after it's been completely upgraded, and in that you'll need to collect building ingredients along the way to unlock storage space. The first floor of the Premium Business Mall requires the following parts to build:

  • 5 Shoes

  • 5 Bow Ties

  • 5 Luggage

  • 5 Perfumes

  • 5 Bow Ties (this looks like a completely different item that is improperly named)

You can earn these items via a combination of general news posts on your wall and individual requests sent to friends. From there, you'll have two spaces to store premium businesses within this mall, and must ask three friends to staff the floor's remaining three storage slots.

From there, it's all about repeating the above by collecting more building materials (in larger quantities) to unlock the next two floors and then asking additional friends to "work as staff" within the mall to actually unlock the building's full potential of storing 15 items. There's no time limit for how long you have to build a premium mall once you begin, so feel free to take your time with bugging your friends for help.

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of the Premium Mall in CityVille? Do you have enough premium businesses to warrant building one of these, or is this one mall you can comfortably skip out on? Sound off in the comments!

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