Brush Up on How to Save on Toothpaste

Savings Experiment: Toothpaste There are many varieties and brands of toothpaste to choose from, but when it comes to keeping your teeth clean, you can save money by simply looking at labels.

From different textures and flavors to promises of whitening power and tartar control, you have a plethora of products at your fingertips. However, choosing the right toothpaste really boils down to two active ingredients.

First, you want your product to have fluoride for fighting tooth decay. Second, the product should have a form of anti-bacterial protection like zinc or triclosan to prevent plaque build-up.

Four out of five dentists say brand doesn't matter, so anything beyond those two ingredients is likely increasing the retail price of your toothpaste. As a quick rule of thumb, avoid special features or additives that sound fancy. There's no reason to pay more when many product contain same or similar active ingredients.

toothpasteSo, the next time you're out shopping for dental care products, check the label and choose the cheapest brand with the right active ingredients. In the end, the savings will make you smile.
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