Game of the Day: Blobstar


Collect treasures for an underwater queen in today's game of the day, Blobstar. Blobstar, a knight for the Enchanted Castle, must collect gold and silver coins and pearls on his journey to find a sunken ship and fill his queen's castle with treasure. You must use the arrow keys to move Blobstar along the rolling sea floor as he collects coins on his pointy body. However, coins aren't all Blobstar runs into. Players used to games like Robo Run or Puchee will already expect to run into enemies on their path to treasure. Blowfish and snapping lobsters stand in Blobstar's way and block his path to coins. If you run into them, Blobstar will be injured or even killed.

Even without the enemy fish, the path for Blobstar isn't just a walk on the beach. Blobstar needs food to fuel his travels, so you have to find safe, tasty fish for him to eat. Once he gets big enough, Blobstar can split into smaller parts, making collecting treasures easier. You can use the 'A' key to split Blobstar into smaller pieces, and the 'S' key to group the pieces back together again. But watch out! As you collect more and more treasure, you will start to collect shells as well. The shells add points at the end of a round, but collect too many and there won't be any room for treasure on Blobstar's body. Use the 'D' key to shake shells off just in time to collect more coins. Think you can please the queen? Then hit play below and start your knightly quest in Blobstar!

Play Blobstar!

How many treasures can you collect before time runs out?