Now you pay Facebook for Zynga VIP subscriptions in games

Facebook money
Facebook money

Remember when Facebook opted to make subscriptions in social games a thing? Well, now the company wants you to pay for those VIP services to Facebook directly, Mafia Wars Loot Lady reports. The Mafia Wars fan site noticed recently that Zynga is asking players to migrate their subscription information as the result of a "mandatory Facebook requirement."

When Facebook formally launched its subscriptions feature, it also effectively did away with Credits at the same time. It's interesting to see this change just as the company restructures its payment system. If Facebook takes a 30 percent cut of all transactions made in its games, then what benefit does the company have in directly handling the billing for VIP game services?

Unless Facebook plans to increase the cut it takes from these subscriptions or charge developers service fees for handling the cash flow, we can't see why the company would be interested in such a move. MW Loot Lady is wary of whether Zynga will jack up its subscription prices to compensate for whatever price hikes happen on Facebook's end.

To that end, MW Loot Lady makes a fine point in frustration: "This is another reason that Zynga needs to let us pay for these subscriptions with Game Cards!" Regardless of how you feel, this is likely something you will have to do across any Zynga game--or any Facebook game, for that matter--that you play if you want to continue reaping the benefits. So, check out the detailed guide (and complaint) right here.

Are you peeved that Facebook has taken over subscription payments? Will you continue to pay for your VIP benefits? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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