5 Most Expensive Homes on the Market

The recent listing of the late Gianni Versace's luxe estate, Casas Casuarina, has once again drawn our attention to the fine, fine homes that the majority of us will never be able to afford. So count your millions, children, because we're going on a ride down Fat Cat Real Estate Lane to check out the richest homes currently on the market in the U.S.

Versace's mansion is pretty surreal. Kind of like the type of home you dream about – and then awake to find you've been billed at a rate of $32.99/hr for said dream. From the palatial courtyards to the 54-foot pool lined with 24-karat gold to the many hand-painted frescoes that adorn the walls, it's pretty crystal clear that gawking at pictures is about as close as you are I are ever going to get to this kind of real estate greatness.

But how does the greatness of this property compare to whatever else is on the market, you ask? Apparently its greatness is, well, pretty damn great. And by great I mean ridiculously expensive. Yes indeed, at a cool $125 million, Casas Casuarina is tied for first as the most expensive house currently on the market in the United States. Here is a breakdown of the top five, ranging in order of filthy richy-rich to filthy rich.

Casas Casuarina, Miami Beach, Fla.


$125 Million

The Rundown: 10 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms and over 23,400-square-feet of living space that has received the lavish decorator's touch both inside and out.

Uber-Luxe Feature: Pool lined with 24-karat gold that's worth more than my life.


See the listing for more details.

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Fleur de Lys in Los Angeles


$125 Million

The Rundown: A Vaux-le-Vicomte-inspired estate of more than 45,000-square-feet built by David Saperstein for his then-wife, Suzanne. Twelve bedrooms, 15 bathrooms and luxury amenities like a formal ballroom, screening room, ¾-mile jogging track and much, much more.

Uber-Luxe Feature: What Versailles-styled mansion would be complete without a library filled with a rare collection of first-edition books.


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Woolworth Mansion in New York City


$90 million

The Rundown: Middle manse of the Woolworth Mansion built for Woolworth's own daughter boasts seven regal floors of first-rate living, five of which are capped off by stained-glass skylights, and a robust 20,000-square-foot floor plan.

Uber-Luxe Feature: Over-the-top parlor floor with a mega-drawing room and dining room that will have you feeling like you just stepped foot inside St. Peter's Basilica.


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Bradbury Estate in Bradbury, Calif.


$78.8 million

The Rundown: A 30,000-square-foot "Palladian Masterpiece" set on a promontory giving way to city and ocean views. A few of the compound's finer features include a 3D theater, 2,000 bottle wine cellar, poker lounge, temperature-controlled trout pond and a subterranean firing range.

Uber-Luxe Feature: Gigantic crucifix-shaped pool. Enough said.


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Shelter Island Estate

in Flathead Lake, Mont.


$78 million

The Rundown: A magnificent, 24,000-square-foot mountain estate set smack dab in the middle of Flathead Lake, right next to Glacier National Park. Heated porticos surrounds the home and add an additional 10,000-square-feet of space, while the homeowner also gets to stake claim to a whopping 7,000-square feet of private and prime lakeside frontage. Oh, and it's only accessible by boat.

Uber-Luxe Feature: A truly great Great Room that flaunts its greatness in the form of 45-foot ceilings, second-story gallery, baronial hall with limestone fireplace, 120-inch television, and "lustrous" built-in mahogany paneling.

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