SimCity Social Cheats & Tips: Get Pink Flower Petals without paying Diamonds


If you've been steadily making progress in SimCity Social on Facebook, you've probably come across (or are about to come across) a quest called "Good for the Sole," which asks you to collect flower petals in order to make "odorless bowling shoes" for your bowling alley.

The quest seems fairly straightforward, simply asking you to interact with both white and pink flowerbeds in order to gather petals in the process. The problem? Pink Flowerbeds are available in the store for 16 Diamonds each, and don't seem to be available anywhere else.

While this initially had us thinking the words "pay wall," we've discovered a way to pass the quest without paying Diamonds (and therefore without paying real money) to do so. To receive free Pink Flower Petals, you'll simply need to visit Don, the game's computer controlled neighbor that every single player is guaranteed to have. There, you'll need to scroll around his town, where five Pink Flowerbeds are conveniently located.

Simply click on the Pink Flowerbed and select "Clip Petals" to receive a few coins, experience points, and yes, a precious Pink Flower Petal for your troubles. For eventually completing this quest, you'll receive 125 coins and 5 XP, but the simple ability to move onto other things after initially fearing the worst is really all we can ask for. So fear not, dear mayors, as our frustrations (no matter how justified), can all be solved with a simple visit to Don.

Are you relieved to learn that there's a free way to earn Pink Flower Petals, instead of being forced to pay Diamonds for the Flowerbeds themselves? Would you have continued to play the game if this really was a "pay wall?" Sound off in the comments!