Ruby Blast tips dug up by its creator and Zynga's best player

Ruby Blast tips
Ruby Blast tips

Judging by the results of a recent Facebook Game Face-off, you guys and gals really--I mean, really--dig Ruby Blast. Zynga's most recent arcade game on the network requires far more skill and finesse than the developer's 'Ville games. You might think you have the highest score, and you probably do. Well, at least the highest score among your friends, but have you met Berto?

The name's Berto Alvaro, a lead designer on Zynga Poker who just so happens to hold the highest Ruby Blast score within all of Zynga: 9,009,390. (For those keeping score, that's among some 3,000 plus employees.) So, between Alvaro and the Ruby Blast teams at Zynga Seattle and Zynga China, we are absolutely certain that their tips can give you a much needed edge against your buddies:

  • Nova Flare, Starfall, and Cherry Bombs are the fastest way to help you get to the marker. Finding matching groups are less frequent the deeper you go, so try to save Shuffle Magic for deeper areas of the mine. You can also use this to help get passed the line, but it's not as instantaneous as one of the explosive power-ups.

  • Save "regular bombs", drills, Nova Flares, Starfall and Cherry Bombs for the last 10 seconds to help drill downward. Spend time learning what each one does, and you'll quickly pick up how to conserve them better over time.

  • Focus on matching as many gems in a row as possible. Click 10 sets in a row (with no pauses in between) and you'll hit "blast mode". Click 10 more during blast mode, and the row above and below the line gets blasted. This is helpful for clear those tough-to-blast obstacles in the mine.

  • Speaking of, beware of non-purple rocks: Those rocks require 2 blasts, so try and use a power-up when one comes up.

  • Focus on sets at the bottom at the line. These will blast the un-bricked areas around them and get you passed the line. Remember, the further down you get, the less frequent sets appear. So, working the bottom increases your chances of getting sets since more bricks shift around when cleared.

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