Pioneer Trail Fluffy Sheep: Everything you need to know

If you liked the Prize Pig feature in Pioneer Trail on Facebook, you'll likely be just as excited about the new Fluffy Sheep feature that has launched this afternoon across our Homesteads. This feature is incredibly similar to the Prize Pig one, even by Zynga's own explanation, as it asks you to feed sheep on your Homestead and help them grow bigger with your friends' help.

The entire point of this feature is to make the wool of your sheep grow to the point that you'll win the in-game contest - the Wool Weigh-In - to receive stars and sheep for your Homestead after doing so. There are new goals to complete along with this new feature, so here's our guide for how to finish them off!

Fluffy Foundation

  • Place Shearin' Saloon

  • Buy and Place a Fluffy Sheep on your Homestead

  • Shampoo Fluffy Sheep 3 Times

Rewards: 200 XP, 3 White Rose Boosts, Stylist License

Getting in Sheep Shape

  • Shampoo Fluffy Sheep 12 Times

  • Harvest 60 White Roses

  • Upgrade your Shearin' Salon

Rewards: 800 XP, Fierce Fluffy Sheep, Sheep Dip Vat


  • Harvest 40 Honeydew on your Homestead

  • Feed 5 Sheared Fluffy Sheep

  • Finish Your Shearin' Salon

Rewards: 1200 XP, Plaid Fluffy Sheep Unlock, Sheep Hedge

On top of these goals, you'll have one to complete as an "overall" goal for this entire feature:

The Most Stylin' Sheep

  • Raise and Shear 3 Silver Star Sheep

Rewards: 5 Horseshoes, Sheepmaster Gate, 10,000 XP

That final goal might seem easy, but you'll need to really expand the wool of a sheep in order to earn the Silver Star. In fact, you'll need to have a Wool Weigh-In of over 100 pounds on a single sheep to qualify for one. Good luck doing just that, and good luck finishing this entire series of goals!

[Via Zynga]

What do you think of this Fluffy Sheep feature in Pioneer Trail? Sound off in the comments!