It doesn't get much more fun on Facebook than DesertVille [Video]

DesertVille video
DesertVille video

Have you seen the newest craze in Facebook gaming? No, it's not SimCity Social--it's DesertVille! Deemed by Mashable as "the driest game on Facebook," DesertVille sees players tend to a digital desert complete with stones to turn, beetles to find and cacti to buy with your hard-earned money ... and that's about it. OK, we kid, none of this is real, thank god.

It's the hilarious, if a tad dry, work of YouTube animator somegreybloke. Unfortunately for Facebook gaming's sake, this dude hits the core concept of the average pretty square on the nose. Luckily for the genre, the trend of more action-packed games is slowly growing. Regardless, there's always time to laugh at the 'Villes of the world, no?

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