CastleVille Summer Sale sees prices slashed on holiday items

Just as many stores in the real world are celebrating the American 4th of July holiday with massive sales, so too is Zynga offering a massive Summer Sale in CastleVille, allowing procrastinators the chance to pick up dozens of limited edition holiday items for discounts of up to 80% off.

These many items range from horses to trees to Kingdom decorations and avatar clothing, with some items being as cheap as 1 Crown each! Of course, if an item was incredibly expensive to begin with, even the sale price might not make it exactly affordable. For instance, the Holiday Clydesdale horse originally cost 32 Crowns, and now still costs 22 Crowns. Other items, like Egg or Araucana Chickens cost just 2 Crowns each, so there's definitely something here for everyone, even if you've only got a few Crowns to spend. Likewise, if you have a female avatar, you can even pick up an "Empress Dress" skirt for a coin sale price of 12,000 coins!

These items are still marked as only being available for a "limited time," so you'll want to browse the store sooner, rather than later, to purchase any items you're still interested in before they perhaps leave the game forever.

What sorts of items will you purchase in this "sizzling summer sale" in CastleVille? Sound off in the comments!