CastleVille Royal Lighthouse: Everything you need to know

If you're one of the many CastleVille players that has completed most every quest in the game and is simply looking for more things to do, you can now purchase and construct a new Royal Lighthouse in your Kingdom. This Royal Lighthouse costs a whopping 330,000 coins, so you'll definitely need to stockpile your profits for a while before even being able to afford it.

From there, you'll need to collect a variety of building materials to finish it off: 10 Stone Blocks, 10 Gold Bricks, three Candles and eight Spyglasses. The Candles and Gold Bricks must be crafted, but you should be able to ask your friends for Stone Blocks and can post a general news post to your wall for the Spyglasses.

Once you've finished the Royal Lighthouse, your Kingdom will receive 300 Castle Points, and you'll be able to collect 3,050 coins from the royal building every time it's ready. Again, as of right now, this Royal Lighthouse seems like a completely voluntary building project, that isn't associated with the completion of quests, but it will give you something to do if you're bored.

[Via CastleVille Quest Help]

Will you build a Royal Lighthouse, or are you far from having that many coins in your in-game savings? Let us know in the comments!