Let Freedom Ring: 25 Awesomely Free Indie Games

Independence Day
The 236th celebration of our nation's independence soon will soon be upon us. This is a time to recognize the founding of this fine country as an independent entity, meaning we don't answer to anybody (well, most people). We march to the beat of our own drum (and the rest of the world hears that beat loud and clear).

In some tangential way--we're grabbing at straws here, people--this reminds us of independent game makers. This is a fine time to recognize the best and brightest of the indie games we have right here on Games.com. While most folks will be out grilling, hanging at pool parties or gazing at fireworks, we're sure you will have no qualms with getting in some much-needed game time this coming holiday.
Time4MoreCat - MegaDev
This quirky puzzler tests players reflexes in order for a timeless feline to feed and find its way home. As you move, so does the world, quite literally reacting to your movements, as if you're in control of time itself. If it sounds weird, that's because it is. But in the best way possible.
Fancy Pants Adventure World 3
Fancy Pants Adventures World 3 - Brad Borne
Do we really even need to tell you about Fancy Pants? It's arguably the most successful and acclaimed platforming game on the web of all time, recently making the jump from Flash to Xbox, PS3 and mobile devices. In short, you owe it to yourself to explore this adorably drawn world.
Semantic Wars
Semantic Wars - Limex Games
Do you like Hangman? How about tower defense games? Of course you do! Well, this gem combines both games into a single experience. Guess words for more resources to spend on units to assault the enemy tower all the while defending your own. It sounds complicated, but it's not--trust us on this one.
Mike Shadow: I Paid For It
Mike Shadow: I Paid For It! - Tanoku
You know it's happened to you before: You've been denied a delicious swig of cola from the soda machine after putting in that hard-earned dollar or two. This game lets you dish out that pain and suffering by beating the inanimate crap out of a vending machine using various combos and special attacks. Sound like fun?
Test Subject Blue
Test Subject Blue - Nitrome
This adorable platform game sends a blue blob in a miniature robot suit through a series of tests that play with portals. If that sounds too familiar, don't fret--it's not. Donned in beautiful pixel art and animation, this gem tests players' hand-eye coordination, timing, reflexes and even memory skills. Want a challenge? Come and get it.
Jet Velocity 2
Jet Velocity 2 - DevM Games
Here's an important question: Did you enjoy Tron? What about that car chase scene in Minority Report? If you answered yes or even "a little bit" to either, then give this game a go already. Futuristic racing with explosive weapons and blazing speed never looked so good in 3D on a browser.
Icarus Project
Icarus Project - Limex Games
Jetpacks are awesome. You know that. I know that. So, chances are that you'll dig this platforming game that centers around jumping and flying around on a jetpack, Rocketeer-style. Well, more like a few prototype designs before The Rocketeer suit. Either way, this is a fun, challenging game that can't be missed.
Robo Run
Robo Run - CodinSoft
Gravity is kind of boring. Once that apple-lover Newton discovered its properties, that was about it. But not in Robo Run, where it's the center of the action. This game sees players shifting gravity back and forth in order to navigate various levels. By the end of it, you won't be sure which way is which--that much we're sure of.
Dibbles For the Greater Good
Dibbles for the Greater Good - Podge
Lemmings veterans, listen up: Your job is to ensure that as many Dibbles get to the finish as possible, placing what are known as command stones in strategic order. When a Dibble bumps into a command stone, it will assume that position immediately, sacrificing itself for the team. Sad, but great fun.
Feed The King
Feed The King - Juicy Beast
This is one of those games that just needs to be played in order to understand its splendor, but we'll try explaining. In this gorgeously animated game, players build a giant cake by stacking smaller cakes way up high. Then, it's up to you to control the king along the "path" of cakes so that he eats as much as possible.
Marching Zombies
Marching Zombies - ViniRamadhani
Another fine mash-up game, this winner mixes the worlds of match-three and tower defense. Players match various gems in order to defend themselves from an encroaching horde of undead. Each colored gem, when smashed, activates an ability, like damaging zombies or creating shields. Can you match your way to survival?
Zomgies - LongAnimals
Let's just get the zombies games out of the way: Imagine if a developer took the best of zombie games, the best of beat-em-ups like that Simpson's arcade game and threw them in a blender with a dash of awesome on top. That's Zomgies in a nutshell. Attempt to escape the zombie apocalypse in a hail of gunfire (and a blood-spattering car).
Pusher - Sergei Gainullin
Unique puzzlers are hard to come by these days. And while this game isn't much of a looker, its play hook sure is addictive. The name of the game says it all: Players push blocks to eliminate various enemies while avoiding numerous obstacles. For those that look to up their spatial awareness, look no further than Pusher.
Kalipe - Ian Stokes
In case you hadn't noticed, mash-ups are big in indie games. Next in line is Kalipe, a match-three shooter that sees players destroying various items to create stacks of like items. Then, players shoot those items for bonus points before time runs out. Of course, nasty green critters stand between you and your high score. Did we mention it's cute?
Miami Shark
Miami Shark - Mausland
We're not ranking this list, but if we were, we'd prefer Miami Shark at the top. This could be the most action-packed, explosion-filled, exciting game on the website. For all intents and purposes, you're Jaws, and you must cause as much death and destruction as possible. Here's the clincher: You can rip a jetliner from the sky and into the water.
Rotate & Roll
Rotate & Roll - Bloblob
This is one physics puzzler that will send you rolling! Terrible puns aside, this gem plays with rotating a single platform--or several--in order to send every blob in each level into a single bubble. It sounds simple, but just give it a few levels before the challenge sets in. That's when Rotate & Roll really starts to shine.
Hungry Sumo - Ninja Kiwi
This unique game should be a staple in your gaming diet, especially now that it's available on iOS. To the lull of modernized classic Asian tunes, players click on one sumo to make it grow large enough in order to knock the enemy sumo around. And somehow, someway, Ninja Kiwi has made sumo wrestlers adorable.
SushiCat - Armor Games
Want a more laid back game to spend this Fourth of July with? Then this take on pachinko is your jam. Help a hungry kitty eat as much sushi as possible by dropping it pachinko-style into as many rolls as you can. But beware, this cat will grow more plump (and adorable) as you feed it, so consider that when dropping it.
Spectro Destroyer
Spectro Destroyer - LorenzGames
This platformer-meets-puzzler sees players attempt to escape various rooms filled with alien enemies by shooting lasers at various strategically-placed mirrors in order to strike them down. We can't help but be reminded of the glory days of Nintendo with this one, which is a good, good thing.
RPG Shooter Starwish
RPG Shooter Starwish - Anonymous D Studios
If you like story in your games, then this space-age shooter delivers. It sounds weird, but the developer put a lot of time and effort into this game's story all while crafting an exciting shooting experience. Some claim to have been brought to tears by this story on YouTube, so take that for what it's worth.
Towering Forever
Towering Forever - Pixel Ante
Tower defense games don't always have to be medieval or military-themed. Sometimes they can be more ... abstract. And that's where this game stands out. Players must defend a glowing tree from invading robots in this highly-stylized world with both towers and a fighting robot with countless combos and attacks.
Papa's Taco Mia
Papa's Taco Mia! - Flipline Studios
Cooking Mama fans, this one's for you. In this simulator, players craft their own tacos to sell to customers, which rank the tacos based on accuracy to the order and style. Be precise, because sloppiness will cost you major points. This is a fine alternative to, you know, actually cooking this holiday.
Portal The Flash Version
Portal: The Flash Version - We Create Stuff
If you've ever even heard of Portal, then it's time to play this game. If not, consider this your gateway Portal. Players solve numerous puzzles and navigate mazes using portals. Sounds simple enough, but just wait until you get to the later levels--the beauty is in its simplicity.
Adventure Story
Adventure Story - Matt Roszak
This is one of those games with a name that says it all. Swords, spells and slimes await in this game. (Presented in the cutest way possible, of course.) Adventure Story is a lovely platforming game in which players must battle countless hordes of adorable baddies to save the princess. A classic-but-new game if there ever was one.
Rubble Trouble
Rubble Trouble - Nitrome
Another pixel-laden (and beautifully drawn) game from Nitrome, Rubble Trouble asks a simple yet provocative question: How many ways can you blow up or tear down a building? Well, this game presents several, and they're all a blast to play around with. This is like knocking down LEGOs without the clean up.

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