The Ville: Celebrate Independence Day with limited edition items


The Ville may be a newbie on Facebook, but Zynga has already updated the content within the game, giving players a chance to celebrate the 4th of July holiday by purchasing some special, limited edition Independence Day items. There are items costing coins and Ville Cash, and we're here with a look at these new items to let you know what to expect going in.

Independence Cookbook

  • Costs: 500 coins

  • Home Value: $550

Liberty Balloon Bouquet

  • Costs: 675 coins

  • Home Value: $745

Redglare Repeater

  • Costs: 3 Ville Cash

  • Home Value: $1,100

Bald Eagle Rug

  • Costs: 1,776 coins

  • Home Value: $1,955

Yankee Doodle Jumpy

  • Costs: 9 Ville Cash

  • Home Value: $3,300

Fireworks Tree

  • Costs: 14 Ville Cash

  • Home Value: $4,400

Independence Horseshoes

  • Costs: 8,000 coins

  • Home Value: $8,800

  • Pays out: 28 Happiness

Freedom Flag Bouquet

  • Costs: 80 coins

  • Home Value: $90

Red, White, or Blue Flowers

  • Cost: 200 coins each

  • Home Value: $220 each

Patriotic Pinwheel

  • Costs: 325 coins

  • Home Value: $360

Yankee Doodle Bench

  • Costs: 350 coins

  • Home Value: $385

Stars-n-Stripes Rug

  • Costs: 550 coins

  • Home Value: $605


  • Costs: 700 coins each

  • Home Value: $770 each

Revolutionary Rug

  • Costs: 800 coins

  • Home Value: $880

Patriotic Drape

  • Costs: 1,200 coins

  • Home Value: $1,320

Uncle Sam's Ice Cream Stand

  • Costs: 5 Ville Cash

  • Home Value: $1,63

  • Pays out:

Yankee Doodle Table

  • Costs: 1,300 coins

  • Home Value: $1,430

Wall Tiles

  • Costs: 10 coins per square each

  • Home Value: $1 for each square

Flooring Tiles

  • Costs: 10 coins per square (each design)

  • Home Value: $1 for each square

These items will be available in the game's store for the next two weeks, giving you plenty of time to earn the coins necessary to earn all of the items that may interest you. If nothing else, there are plenty of items available for relatively small amounts of coins, letting all players get in on the fun of celebrating Independence Day in the game, so we really can't complain about the many Ville Cash items. Of course, whether or not you actually shell out any real cash on purchasing them will be up to you.

What do you think of these Independence Day items in The Ville? Have you already started decorating your home to be a red, white and blue party destination? Sound off in the comments!

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