June Money Roundup: The Best Tips to Hit the Web

San Antonio is the top city to visit on a budget. SACVB
San Antonio is the top city to visit on a budget. SACVB

There's a wealth of smart money advice in nearly every corner of the Internet. But who has time to read it all? Consider this your cheat sheet to this month's top tips from around the Web.

Summer Hot Spots

I say "summer," you say... "vacation." Was I right? Summer travel is an American institution, but with many family budgets tight, which destinations give you the best bang for your buck? Money Crashers comes to the rescue with an excellent review of 10 budget-friendly cities, complete with hotel and activity suggestions. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to catch a train to Philadelphia.

Need something to wear on that trip? Ladies, this is for you. Fashion expert Dianna Baros at The Budget Babe is a whiz at translating expensive designer looks into low-cost chic. Here, she shows five different ways to wear a simple striped sundress to take it from work to a backyard barbecue so you can save the big bucks.

More Ways to Keep Summer Travel Costs Down:

Starve Your 401(k)?

Sounds blasphemous to those of us who have routinely counseled folks to contribute the max to their employer-provided plans. But Kentin Waits at Wise Bread makes a good case for re-evaluating that advice. Find out if your 401(k) should go on a diet.

Give Your Resume a Facelift

A friend of a friend was laid off this week, after 23 years at the same company. Do you think he even has a resume? Nope, and sadly, his story is one of many I have heard recently. No matter how secure your job, take 10 minutes each year to polish up that resume, focusing on promotions and other recent accomplishments that may slip your mind a few years later.

Tough Talk for Rough Times

No one likes to think about it, but chances are that many of us will experience a major financial setback sometime in our lives.

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A layoff, serious illness, divorce, damage to your home -- any of these can destroy our finances. But even during hard times, it's essential to make smart money decisions to avoid making things worse.

Underinsured? Read This Now!

Starting a business? Going back to school? Congratulations! So have you thought about health insurance? It's one of the biggest potential pitfalls for anyone outside the traditional employer-sponsored plans. There are ways to make it work, through high-deductible plans, for example, or freelancer co-ops. Whatever route you choose, Get Rich Slowly has great advice for keeping health care costs down.

Robyn Gearey is a regular contributor to The Motley Fool.