Snow White Story: Build a fairytale village on your iPhone or iPad


The Apple App Store isn't without its fair share of village builders, and many of those might even fall into a fairytale theme. If you've not had enough of either, you can now try out CyberAgent's Snow White Store: Build a Village on iPhone or iPad. This free-to-play offering places you in the role of overseer, as Snow White is introduced to the dwarves in the forest and decides to build a lovely village for them all to live.

There are standard gameplay mechanics, like planting crops for extra coins and waiting minutes or even hours for tasks to complete (encouraging the use of premium currency and eventually real world money), and you can visit your friends' villages in order to help them out by tapping on dwarves and other items with a ready symbol above them. Unfortunately, the villages within Snow White Story are presented from a zoomed out perspective, and while you can zoom in slightly, this is still not enough to allow you to really see the details of what's going on in your village. Needless to say, this is incredibly unfortunate, as the graphics do look like they could be incredibly cute if you could only see what was going on.


This issue notwithstanding, there are plenty of quests to complete to push your progress along, and you can even take screenshots of your game and post them for your friends via the game's Facebook integration. One final feature worth noting is the inclusion of the handsome prince from the Snow White fairytale. The more you play the game, the more gifts you'll receive from the prince that visits your village. Ultimately though, this is a pretty standard village builder that doesn't straw far from the expected norms.

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