And so it begins: Delaware approves online gambling

Online Gambling
Online Gambling

Can you hear past the din of social game CEOs muttering a Mr. Burns-like "excellent"? The heads of company's like Zynga, EA, Caesars and IGT are probably beside themselves right now, as Delaware lawmakers have approved online gambling within the confines of the first state of the union, CBS reports. Now that's two states that are cool with online gambling. (Can you guess the first?)

While this doesn't speak much to the fact that almost every major social game maker is preparing for the predicted casino revolution on Facebook and mobile right now, it could in a few years' time. The result of a Department of Justice decision last year, it's now up to the states to decide whether to allow online gambling within their borders. In Delaware's case, Senators voted 14-6 in favor of the bill, which called for three-fifths majority.

This baby step is likely to send social game makers celebrating and more conservative lawmakers reeling. "We can keep Delaware at the forefront of gambling," Senate President Pro Tem Anthony DeLuca (D-Newark) told CBS. "This is an opportunity for Delaware to be a leader in the marketplace." It's also an opportunity for Facebook and mobile game makers to make a case for real-money gaming, which comes with a whole slew of implications.

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