Game of the Day: Red Riot

Welcome to a war-torn future where you can jetpack into battles and a Russian super soldier is fighting against some skinny dude in a jumpsuit -- one that reminds you of the comic book supervillain Sinestro before he became a Green Lantern turncoat. That is to say, welcome to today's Game of the Day, Red Riot. But story aside, what really matters is that this is a great side-scrolling, shoot 'em up action game.

Your job? Blow things up and collect stars to upgrade your weapons in fifteen missions across three campaigns. Each mission has its own high score and you can access the weapons shop during battles. You're also allowed three save slots and the ability to backtrack, which makes it easier to pick up missed stars or go after Supply Drops. But this also means that your enemies will start coming in from all directions! If you're up for the challenge, strap on that jetpack and start blasting in Red Riot today.

Play Red Riot!

How many missions have you completed in Red Riot?

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