CityVille partners with St. Jude to save kids, and you can help

While branded businesses in CityVille are one thing, many of these don't have a real impact on the world at large, but a new in-game cross-promotion between Zynga and St. Jude will see some real good being done to help find cures and save children's lives.

Via a new goal called Join the Mission, we'll meet Marlo, the daughter of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital founder Danny Thomas, who is inviting us to purchase special limited edition items for our town, with the entire purchase price being donated directly to St. Jude (meaning Zynga and Facebook won't be taking a cut).

The goal itself has three tasks, as you might expect:

  • Ask for St. Jude Red Wagons

  • Complete St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

  • Buy 4 St. Jude Buildings or Decorations

The Research Hospital requires three clicks to construct the base, and from there you'll need to ask your friends to send you building materials to finish it off: four each of Microscopes, Stethoscopes, Art Supplies, Fish Tanks and Chairs. When this is completed, your city will receive a boost of 3,100 citizens to its maximum population cap.

As for the St. Jude items, they can be found under a special new tab in the store, and come in the form of items that cost both real world money and in-game coins. Instead of items costing City Cash, the premium items are marked with straight amounts of currency (in this case US currency). Here's a rundown of the six different items, and their stats.

St. Jude Gift Shop (Business)

  • Costs: $5 donation

  • Requires: 500 Goods

  • Earnings: 2,625 coins

St. Jude Park Bench (Decoration)

  • Costs: $1 donation

  • 10% bonus payout

  • 30 Downtown Value points

Danny Thomas / Alsac Pavilion (Community Building)

  • Costs: $10 donation

  • Increases population cap by 7,500 citizens

Danny Thomas Research Center (Business)

  • Costs: 500,000 coins

  • Requires: 360 Goods

  • Earnings: 1,955 coins

St. Jude Fountain (Decoration)

  • Cost: $2 donation

  • 15% bonus payout

  • 40 Downtown Value points

St. Jude Patient Housing (Home)

  • Costs: $10 donation

  • Population: 2,500 - 4,500

  • Rent: 152 coins every hour

These items will be available in the game for the next 18 days, and it's likely that these St. Jude related goals will expire then as well. If you're in a giving mood, make sure to check out these donation possibilities within the game's store before it's too late.

Will you purchase any of these St. Jude items in CityVille? Sound off in the comments!