Unemployed Hero Who Saved Baby Lands A Job

Babies are good for lots of things. Like giving you joy and love, and getting strangers on the sidewalk to awww in your direction. But they're not usually very skilled at helping you land a job. Except for little David Zamara, who was swept onto the subway tracks in Brooklyn, N.Y., on Tuesday by a fierce gust of wind. An unemployed man leapt after him, rescuing the boy as a train roared down the tracks. And when this act of heroism made headlines, the job offers came rolling in.

At first, it didn't seem like the story would have a happy ending, though. Out of work for more than a year, Delroy Simmonds, 30, a father of two himself, was on his way to a job interview when he saw the baby stroller, with Zamara strapped inside it, fall in the way of near certain death. The baby's mother, with three other children in tow, was "frozen in shock," reported The New York Daily News. The train was mere seconds away, according to a witness, when Simmonds jumped onto the tracks, lifted the stroller to safety, and pulled himself onto the platform, as the driver honked and came to an abrupt halt.