Game of the Day: Hex Connect

Conquer the honeycomb fields by flipping colors in today's Game of the Day, Hex Connect. It's hard to explain this one, but once you get it, it's incredibly simple and fun. Those who have tried the board game Othello will have the easiest time understanding this, because this game is about transforming all the colors on the board into a single one that's in your favor. However, you must proceed through the colors in a logical manner, as though you're island-hopping a sea of colors. In a way, it's almost like a cascade game, such as Nuclearoids or Flower Reaction, but with the randomness taken out.

To play, you'll start off with the game pointing to one colored hexagon block. You want to merge this block into next largest set of blocks that are closest to it. To do that, toggle the color buttons on the bottom of your screen. Continue to consolidate more of the screen by switching colors, but don't leave any of the smaller groups of hexagons behind! This sounds easy enough, but it'll get harder once you pass level 7, because the number of moves you're allowed gets smaller and more limited. Think you can do better? Then hit play below to test your logical puzzler prowess in Hex Connect!

Play Hex Connect!

How many levels can you beat in Hex Connect before you get stuck and it's game over?

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