FarmVille: Send your friends a gift and earn something for yourself

Another round of the FarmVille Friendship feature has launched in FarmVille, bringing with it a way for you to score up to two exclusive items for your farm(s) that you won't be able to find anywhere else. Similar to the Mini Rose Horse and Holiday Present events that have occurred over the past six or seven months, this particular FarmVille Friendship event will allow you to view five your "most helpful" friends and then reward them for all that they've done to help your game.

If you wish to send a neighbor a thank you gift, you can pay 5 Farm Cash to send them a Friendship Pegasus. In doing so, you'll secure a free Pink Lemon Tree for yourself in return. If you don't see the neighbor you wish to reward, you should be able to simply close this window and click on it again to see another round of friends available to thank until you eventually find the one you're looking for.

Remember, if you want a Pegasus for yourself, why not as a specific friend to partner up with you? If you send a Pegasus to them, and they return the favor, you'll both have spent 5 Farm Cash, but will have received a Friendship Pegasus and a Pink Lemon Tree for the same price! That's pretty good, wouldn't you say? Just remember to take advantage of this feature sooner, rather than later, before it leaves the game for good.

Have you sent or received any Friendship Pegasus gifts via this FarmVille Friendship event? Sound off in the comments!