Athens' Olympics Stadium in Decay

Athens may be the birthplace of the Olympics, but it also seems to be the graveyard for the remnants of one Olympics stadium.

The once-vibrant and gorgeous stadium that the ancient city used to host the 2004 Summer Olympics has fallen into ruin -- and we don't mean the awe-inspiring type of ruins that Athens is known for.

Rust and weeds have overtaken the facility, turning it into a nightmarish spectacle and hardly recognizable from its glory days. The impact of the neglect has even caught the eyes of photographers Jon Pack and Gary Hustwit, who have started a project called "The Olympic City," documenting Olympics sites around the world that have gone into decay.

Take a look at the stunning and sad transformation of Athens' Olympics Sports Complex.

2004 Olympics Stadium in Athens, Then and Now
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Athens' Olympics Stadium in Decay (PHOTOS)

The Athens stadium was a masterpiece, which included a retractable glass roof designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. It was completed only two months before the opening of the Summer Olympic Games in August 2004.

Weeds and grass have overtaken the surrounding area, which has also become a junkyard for metal police barriers.

Beautiful metal archways lined the stadium area and wrapped around glowing water features and Olympic-size pools.

Weeds have begun to protrude in the grounds surrounding the archways, and the area has been left to begin to rust.

Photo courtesy of "The Olympic City Project"

The water features and pools that the archways lined have become murky and dark.

Photo by Nasos3,

The football field was a centerpiece of the stadium.

But now it's been left to decay, with wear, tear and stains taking over.

Photo by DPSerick,

The pristine stadium then ...

... and the decrepit stadium now, with graffiti and weeds marring the once-beautiful surroundings.

A gorgeous mosaic marked one of the entrances to the stadium in 2004.

But you'd never know such a thing existed by the looks of the stadium's surroundings now.

The stadium was a vibrant place drawing scads of fans to sports and other entertainment.

But now it's worn-down and barren.

Photo courtesy of "The Olympic City Project"

A beautiful place to be back then ...

... But not so much now.

Photo courtesy of "The Olympic City Project"


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