Meet Amazing Alex, Rovio's cool, calm and collective kid [Video]

Amazing Alex
Amazing Alex

The Angry Birds have always had a chip on their shoulders. They're way to quick to freak out and blow things up. (It's just a couple of eggs, guys--your ladies pump those out on the daily.) But Amazing Alex, developer Rovio's first original--well, sort of--game since Angry Birds likes to play it zen. He's more about building cool things rather than breaking them down.

Rovio released the following teaser trailer to show just that. Unfortunately, that's all this is: a teaser trailer. But we can gather quite a bit from that, like that Amazing Alex will probably be a much calmer game than Angry Birds. Players will build puzzles instead of finding the most efficient ways to break them down. And that sounds very, very interesting to us.

We know, this is basically Casey's Contraptions--but according to Kotaku, players will be able to share their own creations with friends. That's something that Rovio hasn't done before, and--correct us if we're wrong--few game makers have done on iOS and Android. That too is very, very interesting to us.

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