The Ville: "Ville Friends" will have you hooking up with neighbors fast

While we've already set up an easy way to find neighbors in Zynga's new life-simulation game The Ville on Facebook, Zynga is also set to offer you some in-game help in creating a social network via the introduction of "Ville Friends." Similar to the FarmVille Friends feature in FarmVille (as one example), this Ville Friends feature will allow you to add new neighbors without actually being Facebook friends with these new neighbors.

In this way, you'll be able to visit their homes and even befriend these "strangers," all without having to worry about sharing too much personal information from your Facebook profile. You'll be greeted by this feature soon, and will be able to click on the "Let's Meet!" button to include yourself in the "pool" of eligible players.

One the feature rolls out in full, you might find yourself with neighbor requests from people you don't know, but they will function as other "normal" neighbors. If you wish to pull yourself out of this, you can click on the "Settings" tab at the very top of the game's screen, as seen below, and then uncheck the "Enable Feature" box. It might take up to 72 hours for you to actually be pulled from the random neighbor rotation, but this should work in the long run. Just remember, removing yourself from the Ville Friends feature will remove your chance at earning plenty of new neighbors, which could help your game's progress in the long run. The choice is yours!

Will you add yourself to the "Ville Friends" feature? Have you had success with similar features in other Zynga games? Sound off in the comments!

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