The Ville Cheats & Tips: Use the Mailbox to earn Lot Expansion Permits

As you start to make your way through Zynga's The Ville on Facebook, you might be wondering how you can expand your home's lot to build more rooms. The process is a lengthy one, requiring you have a certain amount of Home Value, a specific number of coins and Lot Expansion Permits.

While the Home Value can be increased under your own free will, by simply adding new items to your home and outdoor spaces, and the coins can be earned by completing jobs over time, the Lot Expansion Permits aren't as readily available. In fact, you'll need to use the Mailbox to ask your friends for help in making them. Unfortunately, this isn't revealed very well in the beginning stages of the game, which is why we're here to fill in the blanks.

The Mailbox sits near the street outside your house, and by clicking on it, you'll see a special Mailbox menu that allows you to ask your friends for Signatures, the necessary building material for constructing Lot Expansion Permits. In this way, you can think of the Permits themselves in comparison to Exploration Crystals in CastleVille, and think of the Signatures as though they're the Crystal Shards used to make the full Crystal. Once you've collected five Signatures, you can create a Lot Expansion Permit, which takes 90 minutes to do.

Since you'll need plenty of Lot Expansion Permits over time, it'd be smart to always ask for more Signatures whenever you have the chance to do so. You'll earn Signatures via a general news post on your wall, so you can ask every few hours. Good luck expanding your lot and your home to awesome lengths!

Are you sad to see crafting incorporated in The Ville? Did you know you had to craft your Expansion Permits before now? Sound off in the comments!

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