The Ville Beginner's Guide: Our hands-on look at getting started [Video]

Revealed just this week at Zynga Unleashed, The Ville is Zynga's modern take on the life simulation game, mixing in elements from its classic Facebook game YoVille with those from more modern games, specifically Sims Social. In The Ville, you'll become the proud owner of a small house, and can decorate and expand that house to monumental proportions as you guide your virtual avatar through life. Whether you fashion this avatar after your own life or make something incredibly different, the game offers missions to complete, friends to meet and parties to attend and throw.

We've already brought you a detailed overview of the game's general mechanics, but if you're having trouble diving into the gameplay of it all, here's our hands-on video beginner's guide to help you out!

Click here to play The Ville on Facebook ----->

Have you tried The Ville on Facebook? What do you think of Zynga's take on the Sims Social? Sound off in the comments!

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