SimCity Social Cheats & Tips: Tend Wonders for bonuses


As you begin to expand your city in SimCity Social on Facebook, you'll quickly start to run into immovable objects known as Wonders. These Wonders come in the form of alien ship parts (once you've reached that portion of the storyline), groups of wild horses, and even mineral deposits buried deep within rocks. Each one can be collected from over time, and each has a specific number of collections before they "run out."

While you can hover on Wonders outside of your owned land area, you will need to actually expand out to these items to collect from them. The first Wonder is given to you without expanding, and it's a "Bedrock" containing ore. You can collect from the Bedrock six times before its exhausted, and will receive 125 Materials, 500 Simoleons and a single XP point for collecting from it (this could vary in the future). This particular item takes 12 minutes to recharge, and when you've collected from it the full six times, you'll receive a Plumbob Monument, with a stat of 50 population and a radius of two squares in every direction.

From then on, you'll need to expand out to other Wonders, like a group of Wild Horses to the east of your starting area. This only requires four tends, and when you've completed that, you'll receive a Horse Ranch, which offers a 25 point population bonus.

And so the cycle goes, as you discover more Wonders and clear them out for prizes. You'll want to focus a lot of attention on these items, not only due to their gift-giving nature, but also because you'll need to clear them out before you can use the space for anything else. Also be on the lookout for quests asking you to tend specific Wonders, as these could impact the direction in which you'll expand your land.

Have you cleared any Wonders in your city in SimCity Social on Facebook? What do you think of this overall Wonders feature? Let us know in the comments!