CityVille Super Piers: Everything you need to know

If you're waterfront land in CityVille is cluttered with multiple piers and dozens of boats, you can now rest easier knowing that Zynga has released a way for you to save space on your waterfront while also increasing your Goods storage for your city. The new Super Pier feature seems to be the best of all worlds for players, but of course, you'll need to put some work into building a Super Pier before you'll actually get anything out of it.

The Super Pier is available to users that have reached at least Level 27 in the game. The Level 1 Super Pier holds four boats, stores 400 Goods and requires the following to build:

  • 5 Green Anchors

  • 5 Gold Anchors

  • 5 Blue Anchors

  • 5 Silver Anchors

  • 5 Red Anchors

Once you've built a Super Pier, you'll be able to activate shipping routes under the ratio of "1 Super Ship = 4 Regular Ships." That means that you'll be able to send the equivalent of four ships at once to the same location to receive four times the number of Goods that you would normally (of course, these routes would also cost four times the amount of coins to send).

As you upgrade the Super Pier (by collecting more building materials in larger quantities), you'll gain access to more Goods storage, and the ability to hold more ships, until your Super Pier is eventually holding 25 ships! Here's the way things work out:

  • Level 1: 4 Ships, 400 Goods Storage

  • Level 2: 10 Ships, 1,500 Goods Storage

  • Level 3: 16 Ships, 2,500 Goods Storage

  • Level 4: 20 Ships, 3,000 Goods Storage

  • Level 5: 25 Ships, 4,000 Goods Storage

While you're apparently free to keep any normal piers that you've built regularly, you can of course delete them once you've upgraded this Super Pier to the point that your productivity would even out when you did so. This would, of course, allow you to build new items on both the land and water that you've freed, but again, building this Super Pier is ultimately voluntary. If you're fine with your regular Piers, feel free to skip this one until your in-game productivity needs another "boost."

[Via and image credit: Zynga]

What do you think of the Super Pier system in CityVille? Will you build and upgrade one so that you can delete older Piers, or will you simply use this one alongside all of the others you've built? Sound off in the comments!