Atari is 40 years old today, has a nifty infographic to prove it [Video]

AtariThe word "Atari" is synonymous with a lot if things--Pong, Breakout, Asteroids ... the birth of home gaming in general, really. But a look at the company today, coming from what it was, is enough to make heads spin. A long 40 years ago, Atari ushered in a new era of home entertainment. Today, the company is a mobile game publisher looking to reignite that spark on tiny screens.

And thanks to some particularly talented developers, some of that spark has already been set aflame again. So, as Atari looks toward (hopefully) another 40 years of gaming, what better way to celebrate than to look back before setting off? (And don't worry, Atari doesn't leave out its numerous sell-offs, changing of hands and that E.T. game.)

You might think you know Atari, but did you know that the late Steve Jobs of Apple fame developed the original Breakout ... and his buddy Steve Wozniak designed it? How about the fact that Atari developed and released a whopping eight home devices? There are more tidbits to dig through in the infographic below, and the video does a fine job of back-patting as well. But hey, if your game company survived 40 years of being sold and re-imagined, you'd be patting your back in public, too.

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Atari 40 years
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