Zynga plays nice with other game makers on mobile and Zynga.com

It looks like Zynga wants to extend its Midas Touch to a bunch more game makers. The company announced several more third-party game developer partnerships during its recent Zynga Unleashed press event, namely for iOS and Android devices. Big name game makers like Atari and Majesco join Crash Lab, Fat Pebble, Phosphor Games Studio, 50 Cubes and Portalarium.

You know, just to name a few. Thankfully the lot of which were able to show off their games on stage, albeit in one blur of a promotional video. The most notable of which were Horn, a 3D fantasy action game for mobile from Phosphor Games Studio, bouncy puzzler Rubber Tacos from Sava Transmedia--the first third party-made game for Zynga.com that's headed for mobile as well--and Clay Jam by Fat Pebble, a clay-mation take on hit Japanese hit Katamari Damacy.
Rubber Tacos
Unfortunately, Zynga and Atari aren't ready to announce what they're collaborating on just yet. Regardless, the flurry of partner announcements speaks volumes to that Zynga knows what it must do to stay on top in the social games space and remain relevant in the mobile gaming world. Playing nice with the competition and bringing up smaller game makers is key to both. So, how long before the mobile social gaming dream team forms--Zynga and Rovio?

[Image Credit: Polygon]

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