Zynga's TheVille tries to kill two birds with one stone on Facebook

TheVille on Facebook
TheVille on Facebook

"TheVille is a place and people game," Zynga Senior VP of Product and FarmVille creator Mark Skaggs claimed on stage during the monolithic social games company's Zynga Unleashed press event just moments ago, as of this writing. It's the next big 'Ville game from Zynga that's due to launch on Facebook as early as tomorrow, June 27.

But it's also an interesting method of attack for the developer. Based on the trailer and game demonstration shown during the event, TheVille looks as if Zynga's YoVille and The Sims Social by EA and Playfish had a visit from the stork. The game allows players to build out their own home with multiple rooms, decorations and functional items to show off to their friends.


More like YoVille and less like The Sims Social, however, players can invite several friends over simultaneously (though asynchronously) in TheVille. Then, those players can interact with their friends' fully-customizable avatars directly, fostering relationships both in-game and out.

Players' Facebook page activity will be accessible to players in-game, and their friends will be able to comment on their actions from within YoVille, thanks to a feature known as Z Talk. What does this mean for YoVille and, by extension, The Sims Social? We'll see in the coming weeks, and based on our hands-off impressions.

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