Shave and Save on Women's Razors

Savings Experiment: Women's Razors Women's razors can come with a variety of features -- multiple blades, gel strips, etc. -- many of which also increase their cost. Every woman is looking for a close, comfortable shave, but which products offer the best blades for your buck?

These days, drugstore shelves are lined with various models that come with extra conveniences and added moisture strips, but the truth is, almost all razors do the exact same thing. In fact, studies show that adding more blades doesn't add any extra closeness to your shave, and gels rub off quickly.

So, the best way to save on the product is by making them last longer. One great method is called "stropping," which is what barbers do to keep their blades sharp. In this modified version, all you need is an old pair of jeans. Place them on the floor and apply light pressure as you move the razor away from you. With a few passes, the fabric of the jeans keeps the blade sharp and debris-free.

Shaving razors womenSo, the next time you get tempted to buy that pretty pearlized pink option, think again. When it comes to smooth results, a regular razor is really all you need. Make it last with proper care and you'll be saving on your shave in no time.
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