SchoolVille: It's Tiny Tower meets Small Street all over again

Apparently, the folks at ViceAge Entertainment didn't get the memo that Zynga doesn't appreciate others throwing around the -Ville name, as they've released a new Tiny Tower / Small Street clone by the name of SchoolVille on iPhone and iPad. Assuming the game only gets slapped with a name change and not an entire removal from the store, here's what you can expect from this uniquely themed take on the horizontal "tower" genre.

SchoolVille sees you building classrooms from left to right along a never-ending roadway. In between these school rooms, you can build various facilities to earn profits. In this way, the classrooms serve as homes and the facilities are businesses, if you're looking for a comparison to Tiny Tower (or any of the many games exactly like it). Different goods require different amounts of coins to purchase and take varying amounts of time to run out, but all of this goes towards the cycle of building new rooms to house more students, only to build more facilities to produce and sell more products.

There are some light missions to complete along the way, like ordering specific goods or building certain structures, but the majority of gameplay will be spent either transporting kids in the school bus or waiting for goods to be stocked / sold. The game's graphics are fairly cute, as the school theme is something that we at least haven't seen before, and the soundtrack is also quite cheerful. Ultimately though, this is another horizontal tower builder on the App Store, which was already full of them.

If you're interested in trying out SchoolVille for yourself, you can now download it for free on your iPhone or iPad, but don't be surprised if the name suddenly changes down the road.

Click here to download SchoolVille on iTunes ---->

Have you tried SchoolVille? What do you think of this school-themed building game? Sound off in the comments!

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