Pioneer Trail survey hints at more social features coming soon

Pioneer Trail

is often criticized for requiring users to ask their friends for too many items to complete features, and while that argument is pretty valid, there's room for improvement. It looks like some true social features might be coming to the game in the future (that might even eliminate this heavy emphasis on item collection), as we've been given a new survey to complete that hints at a few possibilities.

We're asked what sorts of summer activities we'd like to see on the Homestead this summer (canoeing, a cattle drive, scavenger hunt, etc.), and are then asked how interested we'd be in completing certain tasks with our friends. One example is the "Frontier Olympics," which, in theory, would include mini-games or some sort of true interaction between users that could compete for virtual medals, a la the real Olympics. Another option is centered on founding a trading company. Perhaps this feature, if developed in full, could provide players a way to trade items in real time with other users (say, if you've completed a building but a friend hasn't).

This particular option is incredibly interesting, as such a feature would eliminate the need for many mass friend requests, as many users end up with so many excess building materials that they could (in theory) pass along to those in need. Whether or not that actually ends up being the case remains to be seen, but if you'd like to help any of these features come to life, make sure to take the game's survey for yourself by clicking right here.

Would you be interested in a Trading Company that allows us to trade otherwise profile-locked items between friends? Sound off in the comments!